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            The Term and conditions access he or they granted by terms of use for www.kent-michaels. By visiting Kent Michael's website, users agree that they will not use the website for any unlawful activity, or use it in a way that would violate the following terms and conditions. By using the site, you have acknowledged and have read to understand these terms. Therefore you accept and agree on these terms of use. If one is unable to accept and agree to these terms of use. Please exit the site access denied. Our mission is to give the best content for our viewers.  


Returns Policy


             All sent packages are marked with the Printful return address so that if the package is returned for any reason (wrong address, broken, etc.), it will come back to us and we can take care of it. We highly suggest that if you have a problem with the product that you contact Printful. A confirmation email will be sent to the customer after the purchase as well as a printable invoice with a tracking number. As mentioned at the bottom of my store, you are entitled to a full money-back guarantee within 45 days after the day of purchase. If at any point between the date of purchase and 45 days elapse the customer decides that they are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, they may apply for a full refund. If applying for a refund, the customer must detail their reasoning for requesting the refund at which point the merchant has the opportunity and right to attempt to resolve the customer’s complaint. If the merchant is unable to resolve the customer’s complaints, then the customer will be issued their refund in full. Contact Us if questions come up about whom to contact when applying for a refund 


Our privacy policy


Now, this policy also has a section about how your information is safe and confidential. When you access certain services, like updating your account, you need to supply a lot of personal data like your name, email address, billing address, etc. This data must confirm the transaction and make it a successful one. Thus, you need to know that the data you provide on your account is kept confidential. Our web server logs all the activity on your part so that they can retrieve any log entry. Your data is kept confidential in such a way that nobody can access it. Access to my services, you need to remember that everything you enter is kept confidential. Keep in mind that our program is important. The fact that all your data is kept confidential and private should be a concern for you. An important part of your website's content is our privacy program, which is incorporated into the web design and is, at the same time, an integral part of every web page. Our privacy policy is a statement of what my company will not be held responsible for any violation. We put the utmost importance on your keeping your data safe and secure. This value for the importance of protecting you is our guide.

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