What Are The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana In Professional Sports?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Marijuana has its pros and cons in anything. You could be using it today, and it might work fine for you. However, there is no way to know if it will work for all professional athletes. People should have the right to choose if they need vices, and sports teams get very concerned about this because their athletes make them money. There are a few pros and cons listed below that give you an idea of what would happen if pro athletes could use weed whenever they wanted. 1. The Pain Management

This is the biggest part of the pain management schedule that pro athletes go into. They often use weed because it helps them relax. However, it might be illegal for them to use it, and they miss out on using it for part of the year. Someone who is using weed to calm their anxiety or pain is usually in much better shape because of it, and they recommend it to others. Doctors are even telling people that they should try weed for their pain, and they are finding out that they must use some kind of CBD product to help recover from injury. Pro athletes will get better faster, and they are less likely to reinsure themselves because they have reduced overall tension. 2. Teams Have Doctors

All professional sports team have team doctors, and those doctors could easily control or watch the use of marijuana by their players. The team doctors often believe that weed is safe to use, but overall league rules do not allow it. There is a tension there that people cannot reconcile because most teams know that some of their players will use weed no matter what. People get busted for it, and they sometimes get arrested for it. 3. The Leagues Have Research If the sports leagues were watching, they could read the same research that everyone else has. They might find out that it is much safer for them to help their players use weed, and they could even control how much it is used during the season. That would be reasonable, and it would be no different than the 15-minute break coming from the fact that that is about how long it takes to smoke a cigarette. 4. The Players Have Doctors The players have doctors and medical teams who often control their health and diet. They control the recovery that the player must go through if they are hurt, and these very same people could be held to the same standards as the league. It would be wise to consult with people in the medical industry, and it would be stupid of them to help the players cheap. These men and women have medical licenses, and they will not give that up over some weed. Everyone could be on the same page about weed, and it would be completely safe to use. 5. Ricky Williams Everyone who does not want to see players smoking weed will point to Ricky Williams and say that he is the reason why the players should not be allowed to use weed. He is a bad example, and it is a disingenuous example people never read the whole story on Williams. Ricky Williams was drafted by the Saints after winning the Heisman Trophy, but he was not used well by a Mike Ditka coached team that eventually fell apart and had to be rebuilt by Sean Payton. Williams was traded to the Dolphins where he started to underperform, and he got disinterested in football. People said that he was sitting at home smoking weed all the time, and they tried to make it look like he had thrown his life away. The simple fact is that he did not want to play football anymore. Weed had little to do with it.

6. Cons Regulation of weed in the pro leagues will cost a lot of money, and it could be hard for the leagues to roll out. They might want to check how much someone is using, and they will need to check how much the team doctors are giving to people. Because of this, the leagues have to work hard to hire the right people and get their whole program together. If they cannot do that, they will not be in the best position to help their players. 7. Player Safety The leagues will say that player safety is at risk because people who are high will get hurt, but no one said that these guys would be playing high. This is just not something that happened, and it would be so infrequent that no one would even notice. Most professional athletes take their game seriously, and they would not go on the court or field to play a game knowing that they were completely out of their heads. 8. The Example It might be legal to smoke weed or use CBD products in some states, but that does not mean that the parents would want to see their favorite athletes smoking weed. Because of this, leagues will probably argue that it is not very pretty to look at. They will think it is a bad example, and they will show people that it will get young kids to start smoking. 9. Where Is The Truth The truth lies somewhere in the middle. The people who want to have weed in pro leagues need to know that there should be some kind of relaxed regulation. The people who are against it need to read the studies and success stories about how this product helps. Someone who has committed to using weed to get better will be in the crossfire, and they might have to talk about it every time they have a microphone shoved in their face.

10. Expense The leagues will claim that players will spend all their money on weed, but they do not know how much cheaper it is then medications. Someone who cannot afford traditional medications might be skipped in favor of CBD products, and the people who are using them could be accused of spending too much. The reality is that this is an affordable way for some people to change their bodies and their minds. 11. Conclusion Pro athletes do have a chance to get their bodies back into shape with weed when they are no longer being tested, but they would be much healthier if they could smoke weed just a little bit. The leagues have to figure out how they can address this problem and get over the false negatives that are always brought up.

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