Top 7 Must Have Items When Traveling

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

The world is at our fingertips just waiting to be explored. People that travel are fortunate for the ability to leave their cares behind and set out on adventures. When traveling there is the ability to meet new people, see all the beautiful places around the world, and learn a lot about yourself. Traveling can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it can also be very stressful. However, if you pack the appropriate items for your trip; you are sure to have a blast. I have complied a list of the 7 must have items that you will not want to leave behind on your next adventure.

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile; you will want to be sure to pack the perfect neck pillow. Experiencing new adventures can be exhausting; therefore, investing in the right pillow will be essential for getting the appropriate amount of sleep. By traveling with a neck pillow you are ensuring you will be able to catch some sleep regardless of where you may find yourself. This item has saved me multiple times from sleepless situations and helped me avoid a very sore neck!

No matter what brand of phone you may have; your phone will never last as long as you need. Therefore, a reliable phone charger is a must on any getaway. A portable phone charger is also an ideal addition to your packing list. With a portable phone charger, you are able to charge your phone whenever and wherever. There have been several times that my phone battery has been completely drained, but because I have had a back up portable charger I was able to continue with taking pictures and posting on social media.

The third must have item during traveling is a personal bag. The bag will differ between individuals depending on your own needs. However, having the correct bag can make or break your trip. This bag will serve as your go to for the entire trip and hold some of your most valuable possessions that you will need access too during your adventures. For day trips, I typically carry a smaller across the body purse that holds everything for me to access easily throughout the day. For longer trips, I typically back a stylish backpack to ensure I have the most space to utilize while still being comfortable during my getaway.

The fourth item that you should never begin a journey without is cash. Having access to your bank account via debit cards or even credit cards is a great modern day addition to traveling. However, you can never be guaranteed that your cards will not get frozen due to your charges in other locations. Typically, you will need to notify your bank and credit card companies that you will be traveling to avoid most of the blockages. But sometimes they still have to be safe and freeze the account. So, having some cash backups on you while traveling is one of my biggest tips to all travelers. No matter where I am setting out, I always make sure to have several small amounts of cash hidden away in my personal belongings.

The final tip for all travelers would be to always pack appropriate footwear. While traveling, you can never be certain the situations that will come up during your time out. Therefore, you will always want to pack your most comfortable pair, a casual pair, a pair of dress shoes, and possibly even sandals if you are going to be near water. I am always aware of my plans for my trips and pack shoes accordingly. But no matter what; I set out in my most comfortable pair for my journey.

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