Sunsets, an inspiration.

Sunsets will always be a constant source of inspiration for me and my music.

The soft pastel colors among the brightest of pinks, dusk yellows and reds never failed to light a spark of creativity in my mind when writing my pieces. It always amazed me how the earth could come up with these absolute masterpieces each every night without fail. Personally, I've always aspired for some of my samples and music to be something like the comfortable calm emotions one would feel while being lucky enough to watch a sunset on the soft water of the ocean. The pale colors are enough to put someone in a calmer, mellow mood and really give them a moment to look inside themselves. To appreciate the life you've been given and to inspire you to live it to the fullest extent. Life is precious, and you only have one to live, and that's what I want my listeners to have in mind when they chose any of my works. That was a big inspiration in "Memories." a sense of tranquility.

Despite the calmer, cooler emotions one can experience while looking upon an ocean or another large body of water while a sunset rests upon it. Sunsets are also known for their exciting pinks, reds, and oranges. Colors for action, colors that make you want to explore more, adventure. Do something you've never done before. "Catch me IF YOU CAN" is one of those pieces. I wanted it to be active, moving, enough to break someone out of their social slump or art block. Sunsets are and have always been nature's wholesome and natural beautiful pieces of art and I would like to be as honest and raw as a sunset or as graceful and smooth as ocean waters. In a sense, nature is my music, and every single song I release is my own personal sunset.

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