How to prepare yourself for life without work

-The New Normal Working from Home

In this climate and environment of fear of being jobless or even homeless today the things we know and depend on have shifted immediately from outside employment to a home-based one. We find ourselves with an opportunity to structure workdays like never before. It may not be easy yet is the new normal that may dictate employment moving forward. Here are some tips to improve your home-based work life.

-Time On Your Side

Time is a true support partner that should be utilized while working from home. It goes hand in hand with the utmost importance to assignment deadlines and time constraints that are in place. Effective use of time will ultimately foster positive outcomes from your home base. Making time an ally holds you accountable for efficiency in each workday. The usefulness of time management should be maximized connecting communication through phone calls and email duties as is necessary.


Plan for productivity as much as possible through organization tasks that make life better. Coordination efforts for the coming day can be prepared the night before with expected goals, tasks, and duties. You know your weaknesses and strengths so attach your organization meeting those characteristics. Keep workspace boundaries with supplies in place dedicated to an area that is set up for work.

-Work Space

How about making the home office or workspace one that has the necessary tools at the ready while placing special touches on and around this area. That includes sensory accessories like lighting, music, candles, pictures or graphic signs to make this an experience that is fulfilling and supportive. That also includes the personal needs in desk, table, chair, stool and whatever works best.

-Dressed for Success

There is a dress code that sometimes working from home forgets. It is tempting to wear pajamas to the home office but that is not a good idea. It is recommended to dress for success which cancels out the jobless image sleep or loungewear provides. Take a shower, brush your teeth, put on work clothes as that puts you in the frame of mind that you have moved from one phase to the next. When your appearance is elevated your mindset follows to the office.

-Time Out

Personal time is very important for home-based work success. Do not omit this time to focus on other things. Time out fulfills the art of life balance that is necessary to offset burnout. Highlight self-care, family interaction, workouts but be mindful to not allow time out cut into work duties. Staying determined that these things can provide economic success thwarting thoughts of a homeless outcome are the difference between failure or success.

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