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Augers, Scoops, and Sleds – Oh My! | Everything You Need to Know About Ice Fishing in Minnesota:

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Ice fishing is not for the faint of heart. A person has to be able to brave the extreme cold and frigid conditions to be a successful ice fisherman. Minnesota has an abundance of lakes and severely cold winters, which makes ice fishing a favorite winter past time. Native to Minnesota are the pike, walleye, and crappies. Also, hundreds of resorts and vacation spots within the state serve eager ice fishermen.

A fisherman has to follow the same basic rules and guidelines for safety as most of the other states use, with certain regulations giving consideration to conditions in Minnesota.

The Department of Natural Resources specifies that the ice has to be at least four inches thick before you can go fishing. The ice should be new, fresh, clear ice. White ice is only half as durable as new, clear ice because it is created by snow. You must measure the ice thickness by boring a hole using a pickax or an auger, then use a tape measure to get the correct thickness.

As in any other state, you must hold a current fishing license. Licenses for current residents are inexpensive and are good until April 30 of the next year. Licenses for non-residents are as expensive for a short, period of time as current residents pay for the whole year. With little else to do in the winter months, once the ice is thick enough, ice fishing is an excellent sport for all levels of fisherman.

When preparing for a fishing trip make sure that you have all the essentials. Which include, tackle box, ice auger, ice shelter, warm clothing, bait, and of course a short rod and reel. When fishing in the dead of winter always be prepared to protect yourself from the brutally cold weather conditions. Be prepared for the unexpected hazards that can arise when out and about on the lake.

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