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5 Things I love about Ice Fishing

Updated: Oct 21, 2021


Most of the winter I enjoy staying indoors by the fire where it is nice and cozy. I love to sip on my hot cocoa and watch a great family movie. However, it is important to still be active and get outside to experience the great outdoors. In order to push me to get outside, I have picked up the hobby of ice fishing. The top thing I love about this winter activity is that it breaks me out of my comfort zone and forces me to immerse myself in the winter elements.

Fun for Anyone The second thing I love about ice fishing is that it is a great activity for me to enjoy by myself, with my family, extended family, or even friends. It allows people to get outside and avoid cabin fever all while catching some tasty fish. When you have several people spending time on the ice to fish, it can begin to feel like a party.

Party For All Winter sports cannot happen without a good party. Having a party brings me to the third reason as to why I love fishing on the ice so much. Everyone loves a good party and who wouldn't want to enjoy socializing and eating great food all while catching delicious fresh fish for later? There are also some times that I bring a grill with me in order to cook my catches

Tasty Food The fourth thing I love about fishing on the ice is that I get to catch endless amounts of fish. I am able to catch fish for myself to eat, share with friends and families, and build stock in case of emergencies. Additionally, fishing on ice in the wintertime lets me catch fish to enjoy year-round. Beginner Friendly The fifth and final point I love about fishing on the ice is that it is so incredibly friendly to new beginners. While the activity does have a slight risk because of the ice-breaking if people know what types of ice to look for it is completely safe. I always make sure to do my research prior to setting out for the day in order to pick a safe spot with lots of fish. Additionally, there was a lot of information I had to learn prior to going out on my own for the first time. However, it was again a very beginner-friendly winter sport that I was able to pick up extremely quickly.

Doing What I Love Overall, ice fishing is one of the fantastic winter sports that gets me out and experiencing the great outdoors all while doing something I love and enjoy. It also lets me share special memories with others and introduce them to a winter sport that I have such a passion for.

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