Please Come Back Home.

By: Kent Michael's

For the longest time in my life, I never knew where I was going or how I would get there. For many of us, this is the case. As we walk this earth to figure out who we are as a person. We go through life not knowing what comes next.

Always wondering if I am going the right way or could I be doing something different that would make me feel happier. I haven't really been happy in my life for the longest time. Looking for something I could never find. A spirit so lost it's hard to know what direction to take.

I missed out on a lot of good relationships. I always found a way to mess it all up, letting my other goals get in the way of how I actually feel in the moment. Never felt anything until you were gone. Why did it turn out the way it did? Guess it was me right like it always was.

Didn't know she would be in my dreams for the next couple of months overthinking everything I do these days. Just trying to get over all the reasons to forget about you. Months later I start writing music.

On my way come back home, my mission is simple to pursue my dream and travel the world. So many of us get stuck in one location for their whole life, too many places to see. I just got to get out to explore. The only person ever holding you back is yourself.

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