Kent Michael’s music is founded and based on inspiration, motivation, and perspiration. Life experiences, challenges, & observations. These concepts are what has grounded the base for this music. Growing up in a rural town in Wisconsin didn’t allow for much creativity. Athletics and artwork were small passions but music meant originality and style. Family values and strong friendships help make the dreams of Kent Michael’s music truthful and straight. Exploring a nearby Minnesota University for two years only provided more clarification that the Midwest was not the correct approach. With the support and encouragement from family, In 2016 Kent Michael’s music was created. His musical education began in Orlando FL at Full Sail University with the determination to pursue a Bachelor’s in Science of Music Production. 2019 ambitions and goals include graduation, job placement, and music producing. 




"For the longest time in my life, I never knew what I wanted or whom I would become, but I have a good idea about what I want to be remembered for." Michael moved to Florida to complete his education at Full Sail University, to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Music Production.